Implementation of CIM: Open image in new window Information Management

  • August-Wilhelm Scheer


Establishing uniform process chains with their accompanying data flows and short term control possibilities gives rise to great rationalization potential. This explains the substantial user-acceptance of CIM principles. What can a user do, however, when CIM is widely discussed, but not (yet) available in the form of complete CIM systems?
  1. 1.

    Wait until CIM hardware and software is available for full implementation.

  2. 2.

    Proceed with partial solutions and hope that, when CIM is fully available, these partial solutions can be integrated.

  3. 3.

    Make fundamental decisiOns relating to PPC, CAD and CAM such that they will be in line with the future CIM set-up, but otherwise proceed with partial solutions.

  4. 4.

    Actively pursue all the present opportunities for implementing CIM.



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