Shock Tube Combustion of Liquid Hydrocarbon Sprays at High Temperatures

  • P. Cadman


The liquid spray combustion of separate hydrocarbons, toluene (C7H8), n-tetradecane (C14H30), and ethanol (C2H5OH) have been investigated in reflected shock waves at pressures up to 20 bar and temperatures between 850- 2000+ K. This was done by injecting about 30 mg of the fuel as an aerosol into oxygen (1–20%)/ argon mixtures. Mixtures of these fuels with small quantities of additives such as t-butyl peroxide (TBP) 1–10%, i-propyl nitrate (IPN) 5%, and water (for ethanol only) were also investigated.


Combustion Hydrocarbons Liquid spray 


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  • P. Cadman
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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsUniversity of WalesAberystwythUK

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