PCR DNA Typing of Washed Stains

  • Caroline Andrews
  • Raphaël Coquoz
Part of the Advances in Forensic Haemogenetics book series (HAEMOGENETICS, volume 5)


Agressors who get victim’s blood on their cloth may try to wash the blood stains, either by superficial cold water rinsing or using a regular washing machine. On the other hand, rape victims sometimes wash their semen-stained underwear to get rid of any contamination related to the offence. In all these situations, it might be hastily concluded that nothing can be recovered from the stains at least if they are no more superficially detectable. In fact, stains submitted to normal washing procedures still contain measurable amounts of DNA. The results mean that the main problem may finally be the simple detection of the presence of the stains.


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  • Caroline Andrews
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  • Raphaël Coquoz
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  1. 1.Institut de Police Scientifique et de CriminologieUniversity of LausanneLausanneSwitzerland

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