The Ets family of transcription factors

  • Bohdan Wasylyk
  • Soonjung L. Hahn
  • Antoine Giovane
Part of the EJB Reviews book series (EJB REVIEWS, volume 1993)


Interest in the Ets proteins has grown enormously over the last decade. The v-ets oncogene was originally discovered as part of a fusion protein expressed by a transforming retrovirus (avian E26), and later shown to be transduced from a cellular gene. About 30 related proteins have now been found in species ranging from flies to humans, that resemble the vEts protein in the so-called ‘ets domain’. The ets domain has been shown to be a DNA-binding domain, that specifically interacts with sequences containing the common core trinucleotide GGA. Furthermore, it is involved in protein—protein interactions with co-factors that help determine its biological activity. Many of the Ets-related proteins have been shown to be transcription activators, like other nuclear oncoproteins and anti-oncoproteins (Jun, Fos, Myb, Myc, Rel, p53, etc.). However, Ets-like proteins may have other functions, such as in DNA replication and a general role in transcription activation.


Ternary Complex Activation Domain Polyoma Virus Ets2 Expression Ets2 mRNA 
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a transformation-specific protein produced by the gene ets first discovered in the E26 avian erythroblastosis virus evythroblastosis Virus

ets domain

part of the Ets protein which is found in Ets proteins from various species

ets motif

specifically bound by the DNA sequence specifically bound by Ets proteins


serum-response factor


the fos-AP1 motif.


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  1. 1.Institut de Chimie Biologique, Faculté de MédecineCNRS-LGME/INSERUM-U. 184Strasbourg CedexFrance
  2. 2.Institut de Chimie Biologique, Faculté de MédecineCNRS-LGME/INSERM-U. 184StrasbourgFrance

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