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In principle, the technology available today is sufficient for a satisfactory solution of both the energy and the environmental problems. The technological aspect of the environmental issue refers to the necessity of ensuring closed material cycling. This, in turn, means that energy must be available and the tapping of energy sources, the use of which will not open up any new material cycles. An energy system based on fossil energy carriers, however, does contribute to opening material cycles: for physical reasons, it results in dissipations (CO2) which, with the technological processes available today, cannot yet be reversed. In fact, it is doubtful whether it will ever be possible to recover the CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere, for example the problems of afforestation have-already been discussed. Thus, given the present structure of our energy system based on fossil fuels, the two requirements of “more energy consumption” and “less environmental burden” appear to be completely incompatible.


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