Permian Fusulinaceans

  • C. A. Ross


Among late Paleozoic Foraminifera (Ross and Ross 1991), the superfamily Fusulinacea (Figs. 1, 2) was a remarkably diverse group of rapidly evolving, large calcareous protozoans (RauserChernousova and Fursenko 1959; Kahler and Kahler 1966-1969; Ross 1967; Rozovskaya 1975; Loeblich and Tappan, 1988). During the Permian, they reached gigantic sizes for protozoans. Many attained lengths of several centimeters and at least one species was more than 10 cm long. Fusulinaceans were common in various carbonate facies and, in the middle and later parts of the Permian, they were major carbonate contributors to reefs and other shallow, warm-water carbonate buildups (Toriyama 1967; Kanmera et al. 1976; Ross 1982a, b). They were rare or lacking in predominately cherty and siliciclastic, cooler-water stratigraphic facies.


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