Pangea and the Paleogeography of the Permian

  • C. R. Scotese
  • R. P. Langford


In this chapter we review the paleogeographic and plate tectonic setting of the supercontinent of Pangea during the Early Permian (mid-Sakmarian) and the Late Permian (Kazanian). The paleogeographic reconstructions presented in Figs. 6 through 13 are based on the paleogeographIc maps assembled by the PALEOMAP Project (International Lithosphere Program) (Scotese and Golonka 1995) and have been revised to include information provided by authors of this Volume, as well as the recent paleogeographic syntheses published in the Decade of North American Geology and by Langford (1992), Yemane and Kelts (1990), Visser (1993), and other authors for the Gondwana continents.


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