The Complications and Unsatisfactory Results of Treatment for Dupuytren’s Disease

  • J. T. Hueston


A satisfactory result from surgery for Dupuytren’s disease makes for a happy patient. Both the surgeon and the patient will be satisfied if there is a painless full correction of deformity with full recovery of flexion allowing resumption of normal hand activities in 1 month and with sustained correction thereafter. An unsatisfactory result, usually due to a complication, makes for an unhappy patient. A complication is something not anticipated by the surgeon. An early complication is due to the surgeon’s technique, a late complication is due to the patient’s genetic constitution. Examples of these complications are, for the former, lack of communication, incisional scar contracture, skin necrosis, neurovascular injury, wound infection, joint stiffness, and reflex dystrophy; and for the latter, recurrence and extension.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Skin Necrosis Neurovascular Injury Digital Nerve Full Flexion 
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