The Phosphorylated Ribosomal Protein in Tetrahymena is Homologous with Mammalian Ribosomal Protein S4

  • Lisbeth Palm
  • Peter Højrup
  • Karsten Kristiansen
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Phosphorylation of a restricted number of ribosomal proteins has been described for all eukaryotic cells analyzed to date. The actual number of phosphorylated ribosomal proteins varies, but a single basic ribosomal protein with a Mr around 30,000 is the most prominent phosphoprotein in eukaryotic ribosomes (Wool, 1979; Cuny, 1985; Brathohn, 1986 ). In mammals up to five phosphate groups can be incorporated into this protein, designated S6 (Thomas et al., 1980), and increased S6 phosphorylation is an apparent prerequisite for activation of protein synthesis in response to growth factors (Thomas et al., 1982).


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  • Lisbeth Palm
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  • Peter Højrup
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  • Karsten Kristiansen
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  1. 1.Department of Molecular BiologyUniversity of OdenseOdense MDenmark

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