Epidemiological and Etiological Aspects in Thyroid Carcinoma

  • W. Langsteger
  • P. Költringer
  • W. Buchinger
  • Karin Dominik
  • G. Binter
  • O. Eber


Epidemiology of thyroid cancer contains mostly findings and data of frequency and can also help to define the cause and pathogenesis as well as therapy and prevention of thyroid carcinomas. With an incidence of 1–3/100,000 and a frequency of < 1% out of the total rate of malignant tumors in the population, clinically relevant thyroid malignancies are equally rare in almost all countries [9].


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  • P. Költringer
  • W. Buchinger
  • Karin Dominik
  • G. Binter
  • O. Eber

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