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Operative Endoscopy in the Stomach: Cystogastric Pancreatic Drainage

  • E. C. Foerster
  • W. Domschke
Conference paper


Cystogastric catheter drainage under endoscopic and ultrasonographic guidance as introduced by Hancke and Heriksen has developed into a minimally invasive alternative to percutaneous or operative drainage. In cystogastric drainage, a pigtail catheter (2.8 mm external diameter) is placed in the pancreatic pseudocyst via a percutaneous, transgastric cannula under percutaneous ultra sonographic guidance. When the metal guide-sleeve has been retracted, the two preformed ends of the catheter coil up into a double pigtail catheter with the distal end in the cyst and the proximal in the stomach (Figs. 1,2). The catheter is usually 8 cm in length. The best way to remove the double pigtail catheter is endoscopically, either using a polypectomy noose or a forceps.


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  • W. Domschke

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