Evidence of the Effectiveness of Breast Cancer Screening

  • Jocelyn Chamberlain
  • Domenico Palli
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Because screening is offered by the medical profession to supposedly well women in the general public, there is a particular ethical responsibility to be certain that it is effective in its implicit purpose of saving lives, and that the level of benefit it offers outweighs its costs and disadvantages to the women concerned. A large amount of research has therefore been undertaken to measure the value of screening for breast cancer.


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  • Jocelyn Chamberlain
    • 1
  • Domenico Palli
    • 2
  1. 1.The Institute of Cancer Research, Royal Cancer HospitalD H Cancer Screening Evaluation UnitSuttonUK
  2. 2.Centro per lo Studio e la Prevenzione OncologicaEpidemiology UnitFlorenceItaly

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