High Precision Network for Geodynamic Studies in the Azores Gibraltar Area

  • Luisa Bastos
Part of the International Association of Geodesy Symposia book series (IAG SYMPOSIA, volume 112)


The Azores-Gibraltar region is of special interest due to its peculiar geodynamic features, with the Archipelago of Azores located in the area of convergence of the African, North American and Eurasian plates (Azores triple junction).

Since 1988 several geodetic campaigns have been realized in this area, using different techniques (GPS, gravimetry, VLBI).

These campaigns are part of a mid term project, whose main goal is to provide a set of high precision geodetic measurements to support the definition of a geodynamic model for the region. Analysis of this data should give a major contribution for the explanation of the kinematics of the Azores-Gibraltar plate boundary and its role in the study of the dynamics of the earth.

In this paper we summarize the work that has been done, the results achieved so far, and future prospects.


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