Multifractals and the Local Connected Fractal Dimension

Classification of Early Chinese Landscape Paintings
  • Richard F. Voss
  • James C. Y. Wyatt


Local and global applications of multifractals to the analysis of digitized image intensities, I(x,y), are discussed. The magnitude of the local slope, |ΔI(x,y)|, is shown to be a more useful measure than I(x, y). A global fractal dimension, D, can be estimated from the spectral density, \(S(\vec k)\), the angle-averaged pair-correlation, C(r), and mass-radius M(R). The concept of local fractal dimension can be used to construct a color-coded dimensional image. Applications to the classification of early Chinese landscape paintings, however, suggest that the local connected fractal dimension provides the best agreement with the human eye for highlighting and discriminating between images.


Fractal Dimension Fractional Brownian Motion Natural Scene Norwegian Coast Digitize Image Intensity 
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  • Richard F. Voss
  • James C. Y. Wyatt

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