Screening for Ovarian Cancer

  • S. Campbell
  • T. Bourne
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As a profession we devote a huge amount of time and money to the early detection and investigation of cervical and endometrial carcinoma. If one considers the fact that more women die each year from ovarian cancer than from cancer of the uterus and cervix combined, the failure to investigate methods to detect ovarian cancer at an early stage is puzzling. The relative lack of information regarding the natural history of ovarian cancer has hindered workers in this field. The result is that the vital question of whether screening for and thus early detection and treatment of ovarian cancer actually reduces mortality from the disease has yet to be answered. A randomised controlled clinical trial is needed to test this hypothesis. We believe that an ultrasound based screening test now exists with sufficient sensitivity and specificity to be utilised in the context of such a clinical trial. This article will set out the arguments for this proposal.


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