A Hierarchy of the Structure of Matter from the Viewpoint of Information Retrieval and Structure-Property Correlations

  • Sandor Barcza
Conference paper


A (regrettably only) two-dimensional chart is presented, systematising and summarising the structure of matter. Within this, we zoom with higher magnification at the areas relevant to chemical information retrieval, structure-property correlations, especially related to the design of bioactive molecules. The chart covers small to large scale and low to higher resolution. It points out some of the parallels between man-made (e.g., drug, transistor) and natural (hormone, receptor, ribosome) assemblies of matter. The need to create integrated systems of this type is specially indicated by newer developments in molecular biology, materials science, computer systems and systems analysis. The scientist needs to find information and correlations over a sliding scale, with continuously variable window and magnification.


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