Standardized X-Ray Examination of the Bioabsorbable Ring Anastomosis

  • G. Schindler
  • R. Engemann
  • W. Schmitz
  • A. Thiede
Conference paper


X-ray examination of a bioabsorbable ring anastomosis is expected to yield information on the following:
  • Positioning of the anastomotic rings within the gastrointestinal tract

  • Setting of the rings (open or closed)

  • Position of the anastomotic rings within the lumen (straight or tilted)

  • Watertightness

  • Disintegration, fragmentation, elimination

  • Healing processes of the anastomosis


Barium Barium Sulfate 


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  • G. Schindler
  • R. Engemann
  • W. Schmitz
  • A. Thiede

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