Some Final Words

  • A. D. M. Walker
Part of the Physics and Chemistry in Space Planetology book series (SPACE, volume 24)


The objective of this book has been to try to develop the basic theories of plasma wave propagation and generation applicable to magnetospheric waves in as unified and concise a way as possible and to apply the theory to a representative set of observations of such waves. At the end of the exercise the author (and probably the reader) is more conscious of what has been left out than what has been included. Many phenomena which deserve consideration and the work of many authors who have made major contributions to the field have been omitted for reasons of space. We have restricted our examples to the earth’s magnetosphere, making no mention of the many observations of plasma waves in other planets. In this final chapter we mention a number of topics which would have been included in a more substantial work and briefly discuss the direction in which the field is likely to move.


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