Unusual Patterns, Subtypes, and Differential Diagnosis of Gonadal Yolk Sac Tumors

  • R. H. Young
  • R. E. Scully


Teilum first elucidated the nature of yolk sac tumors (YSTs) (Teilum 1959) and delineated their most common patterns (Teilum 1976): (1) loose vacuolated (reticular), (2) endodermal sinus (containing Schiller-Duval bodies), (3) honeycomb, (4) labyrinthine, (5) cystic, (6) polyvesicular vitelline, (7) myxoid, and (8) compact. Teilum mentioned only briefly two recently emphasized patterns of YST, the parietal and mesenchyme-like, which are presented in the first part of this review. The second part of the review considers two other patterns that may be seen in YSTs, the glandular and hepatoid, which are sufficiently distinctive as to be classified as specific subtypes of YST in the classification of YSTs currently being formulated by the World Health Organization, a slightly modified version of which is presented in Table 17.1. A third section briefly considers yolk sac elements in mixed germ cell tumors. In the final section the differential diagnosis of all types of YST of the ovary and testis is discussed.


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