Morphological Changes of the Secondary Human Yolk Sac in Early Pregnancy Wastage

  • F. F. Nogales
  • E. Beltran
  • F. Gonzalez


While much attention has been devoted to the embryo and placenta in spontaneous abortions, little is known about the histopathology of the secondary human yolk sac (SHYS). An extensive search of the literature reveals only a few, fragmentary reports. Few histological data on the SHYS, even under normal conditions, are available, as investigations have so far been limited to only certain specific aspects of SHYS histology. Although comparisons of the normal yolk sac and yolk sac tumors (Gonzalez Crussi 1979; Gonzalez Crussi and Roth 1976; Nogales et al. 1977, 1978; Takashina et al. 1987; Takei and Pearl 1981) have been made, no systematic study of the morphological lesions of the SHYS has yet been attempted.


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  • E. Beltran
  • F. Gonzalez

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