Algorithm Animation of Computational Chains

  • R. Finsterwalder
Conference paper
Part of the Beiträge zur Graphischen Datenverarbeitung book series (GRAPHISCHEN)


A_VISTA (Visualization & Interactive Steering for Task Activation) is part of the modular computer-aided control engineering environment ANDECS1 and provides a framework for the visualization of engineering computations. Available graphical modules can be used both for offline & online visualization, interactive steering, and information zooming. Multiple graphical displays in multiple windows are supported. A_VISTA makes full use of databased integration of software modules.

A graphical modeling set up environment for macros is provided to facilitate the specification of complex computational and visualization tasks, e.g parameter studies via interactive steering. The development of both A_VISTA and the macro-editor is along the lines of the research area of Algorithm Animation. Since the modules of AVISTA are not bound to data produced by a special algorithm, they can be used for actively exploring and monitoring the dynamic behavior of any computational procedure. This makes it well suited for the algorithm animation of general computational chains.


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