Localization of Cytochrome P450 in Membranes: Mitochondria

  • T. Omura
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The occurrence of cytochrome P450 in mitochondria was first reported in 1964 (Harding et al. 1964). It was first found in the mitochondria isolated from adrenal cortex, and since then a wider distribution of various mitochondrial types of cytochrome P450 among animal organs has been confirmed. It is now known that all steroidogenic organs and some non-steroidogenic organs including liver and kidney contain cytochrome P450s in the mitochondria, and that the mitochondrial cytochrome P450s are distinct from their microsomal counterparts in the same cell. Some insect organs also contain a cytochrome P450 in the mitochondria which participates in the biosynthesis of metamorphosis hormones (Greenwood and Rees 1984). However, the occurrence of cytochrome P450 in mitochondria has not been confirmed for plants and eukaryotic microbes including yeasts.


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