Partial or Intramural Gastric Diverticulum

  • Albertus D. Keet


The term partial gastric diverticulum was first used by Samuel (1955) to indicate a projection of the mucosa into, but not through the muscular coats of the stomach. As it does not extend as far as the serosa, external inspection of the stomach at operation will not reveal any abnormality. He described a case, diagnosed by radiography and subsequently confirmed at operation, in whom a partial diverticulum was located on the greater curvature of the pyloric “antrum” approximately 1 mm orally to the pyloric ring. It was surrounded by a shallow, smooth-walled defect which was considered to be due to oedema. Radiographically it had to be differentiated from a gastric ulcer, a small ulcerated tumour and ectopic pancreatic tissue (in which barium-filled ducts might resemble small diverticula) (Chap. 21). However, these conditions could be excluded because of the smooth outline and narrow neck of the diverticulum, the normal mucosal pattern in its vicinity and the absence of associated spasm.


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