Basic Considerations

  • Heiko Diestel
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The complex of equations and parameters suggested in this work serves to determine and evaluate the hydromechanical effect of given structures in laboratory and field experiments. In field trials one would possibly choose other spacings and orientations for the cuts through the soil and set some parameters in a manner other than described here. The characterization of the morphology of inter-aggregate voids and of the flow of water through a particular soil or medium having such voids and/or impermeable inclusions refers directly to the column experiments using an artificially induced structure. Readers who immediately prefer to explore the details and are not acquainted with the so-called “particle size counter” (PSC) would be advised to read Chapter 4.1.1 to 4.1.3 in advance. The method of obtaining the structure images, from the soil cuts and of interpreting the images the knowledge of which may be helpful for the understanding of this section, is explained there.


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