Joint Affections in Systemic Diseases

  • Arnold Soren


Bourdillon [168] described in 1888 the coincidence of psoriasis and arthritis and postulated an etiological relationship between them. This connection was subsequently discounted by Gribble [678] and Margolis [1026] who interpreted the arthritis in their cases as rheumatoid arthritis occurring incidentally in psoriasis. Coste [326] also considered the joint affection in psoriasis as rheumatoid arthritis but with its features modified by a psoriatic background. However, distinct differences in certain clinical traits and laboratory findings led Bennett [117], Dawson et al. [378], DeSeze et al. [408], Moll et al. [1129], and Wright [1789] to consider the joint changes occurring in psoriasis as a disease of its own, and basically related to psoriasis.


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