Metamorphic Evolution

  • S. Vrána
  • P. Blümel
  • K. Petrakakis
Part of the IGCP-Project 233 book series (IGCP 233)


The Moldanubian zone comprises a heterogenous assemblage of amphibolite and granulite fades crustal units intersliced with upper mantle rocks. The abundance of peridotite, of both spinel and pyrope types, eclogites, and garnet pyroxenites indicates that the region is an anomalous crustal domain and points to an efficient crust-mantle interaction. Certain granulites still retain the HP record (P = 12-15 kb), although later retrogression is widespread. Variscan granitoid intrusions were preceded and accompanied by regional LP periplutonic metamorphism and migmatization which, as a late process, results in a LP overprint dominating the regional pattern of metamorphic zoning (Fig- 1).


Crystallization Zircon Recrystallization Magnetite Petrol 


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