In the drill hole Saar 1 (Fig. 1), the crystalline basement of the Saar-Nahe basin, represented by a weakly deformed aplitic albite granite is covered by a nonmetamorphic shelf sequence of Middle of Upper Devonian marine limestones with intercalations of clastic sedimentary rocks (Hering et al. 1976). Upper Devonian feldspathic sandstones are composed dominantly of volcanic material, indicating an island arc as the source area. The recalculated Rb/Sr age of the basement granite is 403 ± 24 Ma (Lenz and Müller 1976). The relatively wide spread of the isochron date indicates that the granite could also be of Silurian age and be part of the pre-Hercynian rift magmatism (Weber 1984), which intruded a Cadomian basement. Evidence of the existence of a Cadomian basement is given by the 525-Ma hornblende cooling ages (Meisl at al. 1989) in the lower amphibolite facies gneiss of Wartenstein, which forms a basement slice inside the allochthonous unit of the southern Hunsrück (Fig. 2).


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