Supersonic Jet Spectroscopy with Supercritical Fluids

  • Chung Hang Sin
  • Steven R. Goates
  • Milton L. Lee
  • David M. Lubman


Selectivity is one of the most important aspects in analytical chemistry. In spectroscopy, selectivity results from high spectral resolution. A molecular spectrum is usually broad due to inhomogeneous broadening and thermal population of higher vibrational and rotational states. The situation becomes even worse for larger molecules, due to closely spaced rotational states and low energy vibrational modes. These broad spectra are not suitable for compound identification.


Supercritical Fluid Laser Induce Fluorescence Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Mach Disk Supersonic Expansion 
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  • Chung Hang Sin
  • Steven R. Goates
  • Milton L. Lee
  • David M. Lubman

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