Multiplanar CT of the Lumbar Herniated Nucleus Pulposus

  • R. Dore
  • G. Monzillo
  • L. Cicuttini
  • P. Lolli
  • L. Storti
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Usually, the lumbar spine computed tomography (CT) examinations for herniated disk evaluation involve just transverse scans. The diagnosis of herniated nucleus pulposus (HNP) made by CT in the past years has been very accurate, from 86.4% to 96.6% in overall accuracy (Table 1). We cannot in all certainty distinguish the extruded HNP from the not extruded one only on transverse images; moreover, it is difficult to evaluate correctly the intervertebral foramina and their normal or atypical contents based on transverse images. With past scanners, multiplanar reconstructions (MPR) were expensive in time and in radiation dose, and the obtained images were not so good.


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  • R. Dore
  • G. Monzillo
  • L. Cicuttini
  • P. Lolli
  • L. Storti

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