Intergeneric Natural Plasmid Transformation between Escherichia coli and a Marine Vibrio Species

  • J. H. Paul


Because of the use of genetically engineered organisms in the environment, these has been renewed interest in transformation as a mechanism for horizontal gene transfer to the indigenous flora (Lorenz et al. 1988; Stewart and Sinigalliano 1990; Paul et al. 1991b). The potential for intergeneric, donor-mediated plasmid transfer to occur has not been widely investigated. There have been several reports of transfer of plasmid DNA from Escherichia coli cells to Bacillus subtilis (Van Randen and Venema 1984; Kosovich and Prozorov 1991). In this paper we describe the donor mediated transfer of plasmids between E. coli and Vibrio JT-1, the first report of intergeneric transformation involving a marine bacterium.


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  • J. H. Paul
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Marine ScienceUniversity of South FloridaSt. PeterburgUSA

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