Interventional Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer

  • N. Soehendra
  • K. F. Binmoeller
  • H. Grimm
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Over the past two decades the incidence of pancreatic cancer has steadily increased. In the United States, pancreatic cancer ranks as the second most common gastrointestinal malignancy and ranks fifth among causes of cancer deaths [4, 35]. Despite tremendous progress in diagnostic technology including ERCP and ultrasound-guided needle aspiration, the prognosis continues to remain dismal. The main reason is delayed diagnosis. Pancreatic cancer is clinically silent during its initial growth phase, and by the time symptoms and signs such as weight loss, pain and jaundice appear, 85%–90% of cancers have already extended beyond the pancreas.


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  • K. F. Binmoeller
  • H. Grimm
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