Segmental Pancreatic Autotransplantation in Management of Patients with Chronic Pancreatitis

  • R. L. Rossi
Conference paper


Disabling pain and complications are common indications for operation in patients with chronic pancreatitis [1]. Surgical therapy has produced limited success, but failures are common. Because of the poor understanding of the basic pathogenesis of pancreatitis and of the mechanisms of pain, the choice of therapy continues to be empirical and directed at treating symptoms, sequelae, and complications. For patients who have a nondilated pancreatic duct or whose previous decompressive operations have failed, different resective procedures may be required. All patients who undergo total pancreatectomy and about 80% of patients who undergo 90%–95% distal resection become diabetic. Poorly controlled diabetes often causes multiple hospital readmissions and late mortality [2].


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