The Role of Pylorus-Preserving Duodenopancreatic Head Resection

  • W. Kozuschek
  • H. B. Reith
  • W. Haarmann


In 1909 Kausch [21] performed the first successful radical duodenopancreatic head resection with preservation of the gastric antrum and pylorus [22], following the suggestions of Desjardins 1907 [7] and Sauve 1908 [29], which referred to the surgical procedure developed by Krönlein [25]. Kausch performed the operation in two stages. For years he was the only one to be successful with the procedure, and only very few cared to copy the method. The surgical procedure developed for lesions of the duodenum and pancreas by Whipple and colleagues in 1935 did not intend partial gastric resection. In both procedures the duodenum was transected, the stump closed blindly, and the antropyloric passage bridged by gastroenterostomy [39, 40]. Watson reported a duodenopancreatectomy in the case of a carcinoma of the papilla in 1942, in which the antrum, pylorus, and 2.5 cm of the duodenum were preserved. Watson believed that preservation of an intact stomach would be beneficial for digestion and thus improve the state of nutrition [38].


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