Standard Whipple in Chronic Pancreatitis

  • H. D. Saeger
  • G. Schwall
  • M. Trede


Physicians and surgeons essentially agree today that chronic pancreatitis must primarily be treated conservatively. However, complications of the disease can require operative intervention. The aim of surgery in chronic pancreatitis is the treatment of symptoms; perhaps the progress of the disease can be delayed thereby, but surgical management cannot be a causal therapy for chronic pancreatitis. Various operative techniques have been discussed. The surgical objectives in chronic pancreatitis can be summarized in four points: (a) low operative morbidity and mortality, (b) persisting pain relief, (c) preservation of the (remaining) pancreatic function, and (d) long-term survival.


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  • H. D. Saeger
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  • G. Schwall
  • M. Trede
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