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Survey of the Power Plant Problem

  • E. P. Wigner
  • L. Ohlinger
Part of the The Collected Works of Eugene Paul Wigner book series (WIGNER, volume A / 5)


So far, three agents have been considered for conveying the heat out of a uranium-graphite pile: helium, a liquid (water) and molten bismuth. This gives three different plans for a uranium-graphite pile. Furthermore, the graphite can be substituted by heavy water, the uranium by some enriched material so that one has at least five possible setups.

None of these is better in every respect than all others and neither of them can be guaranteed to give a smooth operation, uninterrupted by unforeseeable troubles. For this and other reasons it appears desirable to erect several types of plants in order to ensure a safe and sufficient supply of 49 in time.


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