Rare Soft Tissue Sarcomas

  • C. D. M. Fletcher
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In many ways the title “rare soft tissue sarcomas” is tautologous since, in relative terms, soft tissue sarcomas as a whole are comparatively uncommon. It is an interesting anomaly that the lesions to be covered in this chapter, while collectively accounting for only around 3%–4% of sarcomas and less than 0.04% of all malignancies, are, at least in some cases, often readily recognized by the general surgical pathologist. The diastase/PAS-positive crystals of alveolar soft part sarcoma are extremely well known and, at one time, it was almost traditional for an example of epithelioid sarcoma to be included in the British final postgraduate pathology examinations. Viewed logically, this seems somewhat inappropriate but probably reflects the philatelic tendency shared by many of us who work in diagnostic histopathology.


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