Molecular and cellular aspects of immunologic tolerance

  • Gustav J. V. Nossal
Part of the EJB Reviews 1991 book series (EJB REVIEWS, volume 1991)


This review seeks to explain the most exciting recent data concerning the Nature of self/non-self discrimination by the immune system in a manner accessible to a biochemical readership. The Natureof recognition in the two great lymphocyte families, B cells and T cells, is described with special emphasis on the Nature of the ligands recognized by each. The history of the field of immunologic tolerance is surveyed, as are the key experiments on conventional mice which provided a conceptual framework. This suggested that tolerance was essentially due to ‘holes’ in the recognition repertoires of both the T and B cell populations so that lymphocytes competent to react to self antigens were not part of the immunologic dictionary. There were essentially two ways to achieve this situation. On the one hand, self antigens might ‘catch’ developing lymphocytes early in their ontogeny and delete the cell, a process of clonal abortion. On the other hand, self antigens might signal lymphocytes (particularly immature cells) in a negative manner, reducing or abolishing their capacity for later responses, without causing death. This process is referred to as clonal anergy. Evidence for both processes exists.


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