Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis with Cold Neutrons for the Characterisation of Specimen Bank Materials

  • M. Rossbach


A Prompt Gamma Cold Neutron Activation Analysis (PGCNAA) facility at the ELLA-laboratory of the Research Center, KF A-Jülich, Germany is described emphasizing the experimental progress in conjunction with the use of cold ( = slow) neutrons. This “in-beam” technique is nondestructive, has multielement capabilities, and is particularly suitable for analyzing low-Z (constituting) elements in biological and environmental materials. Results are presented for selected certified reference materials and a number of Environmental Specimen Bank (ESB) materials including a candidate reference material “spruce shoots” RMF I and RMF II.


Cold Neutron Prompt Gamma Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis Environmental Specimen Bank 
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