Volume Regulation in Transporting Epithelia

  • J. Graf
  • W. B. Guggino
  • K. Turnheim
Part of the Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology book series (COMPARATIVE, volume 14)


The cell volume is regulated by solute transport across the surface membranes and by metabolic generation or consumption of intracellular, osmotically active solutes. Many membrane transport mechanisms and metabolic pathways that are involved in volume regulation serve other vital cell functions also, including the control of the intracellular milieu (electrolyte concentrations, cell pH), energy, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, nutritive and secretory functions, excitability, cell growth, proliferation and differentiation. Cell volume regulation is thus integrally related to these functions. Furthermore, the mechanisms of homeostatic control and regulation through hormonal, neural and intracellular signals may modify membrane transport mechanisms and enzyme activities that are involved in volume regulation. Thus, both the mechanisms that determine the cell volume and their regulatory signals may be common to other cell functions.


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