Pituitary Microcirculation Measured by Laser Doppler Flowmetry: Physiological and Clinical Aspects

  • R. Steinmeier
  • A. Dötterl
  • R. Fahlbusch
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Part of the Advances in Neurosurgery book series (NEURO, volume 20)


There is considerable controversy concerning the vascular supply and angioarchitecture of the anterior pituitary lobe (AL). Following the innovative studies of Wislocki and King [28] and Green and Harris [9], the concept of a dominant portal blood supply to the AL has been generally accepted and has led to significant progress in neuroendocrinological scientific work and understanding of hypothalamic-pituitary interactions. Experimental studies in animals clearly demonstrated a completely different level of microcirculation between anterior and posterior (PL) pituitary lobe, the latter exhibiting values exceeding the highest found in any other region of the brain [4, 7, 8, 12, 13, 15, 21, 22, 26, 27].


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  • A. Dötterl
  • R. Fahlbusch
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