Hippocampus and Basal Ganglia Pathology in Chronic Schizophrenics. A Replication Study from a New Brain Collection

  • B. Bogerts
  • P. Falkai
  • M. Haupts
  • B. Greve
  • U. Tapernon-Franz
  • U. Heinzmann
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In two previous papers (Bogerts 1984; Bogerts et al. 1985) we reported reduced volumes of limbic medial temporal lobe and basal ganglia structures in postmortem brains of schizophrenics belonging to the Vogt collection in Düsseldorf. A number of subsequent planimetric postmortem and MRI studies (Table 1) also reported anatomical anomalies in limbic structures of schizophrenics, whereas in two recent studies, which were based in part on very old cases (Heckers et al. 1989, 1990), no significant volume reductions of hippocampus, parahippocampal gyrus, and amygdala could be found.


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  • B. Bogerts
    • 1
  • P. Falkai
  • M. Haupts
  • B. Greve
  • U. Tapernon-Franz
  • U. Heinzmann
  1. 1.Rheinische LandesklinikPsychiatrische Klinik der Heinrich-Heine Universität DüsseldorfDüsseldorf 12Germany

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