Oncogenes in Endometrial Cancer: A Review of Information

  • Ernest I. Kohorn
  • Barry M. Kacinski
Part of the AGO Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gynäkologische Onkologie book series (AGO)


The intense and productive study of oncogenes of the past decade was stimulated by the realization that genes concerned with normal growth regulation are phylogenitically very similar to the viral genes long known to be associated with cancer induction in avian and rodent cancers such as the Rous sarcoma or the Bittner breast cancer of mice. The studies were made possible by advances in technology for the study of DNA, RNA and nucleoprotein physiology. Viral transforming genes are called viral oncogenes (v-onc). DNA sequences that exist in normal tissue are conserved in evolution from species as separate as yeast to mammals. These genes are homologous to the viral oncogenes and are called cellular oncogenes (c-onc). They regulate normal cellular proliferation and in the process of carcinogenesis are changed in detail of structure or in the amount of gene produced either by physical or chemical agents or, in human cancer, by yet unknown primary causative agents.


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  • Barry M. Kacinski

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