Systemic Chemotherapy for Advanced or Recurrent Endometrial Cancer

  • Hans-Gerd Meerpohl
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For several reasons it is most common to regard endometrial cancer as a curable disease. Clinical symptoms occur early in the disease course and for the majority of patients the disease is at the time of diagnosis confined to the corpus of the uterus (FIGO-stage I). Such lesions are almost always well differentiated and a complete cure resulting from the standard treatment of surgery ± radiotherapy occurs in about 90% of the patients [1]. Despite this evidence of success one have to take in consideration also the backside of the coin. It shows, that about one-third of all patients with this malignancy recur within 5 years from the time of diagnosis. For the Federal Republic of Germany for example this situation means that approximately 2800 patients present annually with locally advanced or recurrent disease [2] (Table 1). This group of patients but doesn’t suffer from a harmless disease but are possible candidates for more effective treatment approaches.


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