Postoperative Vaginal Irradiation by High-Dose-Rate Cobalt Afterloading in Stage I Endometrial Cancer: Experience from the Norwegian Radium Hospital

  • I. Vergote
  • K. Kjorstad
  • V. Abeler
  • S. Vossli
Part of the AGO Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gynäkologische Onkologie book series (AGO)


Radiotherapy has been used in all its possible varieties as primary and adjuvant treatment of endometrial cancer. Still, the proper place of this treatment modality remains to be defined. Despite the large number of patients treated by a combination of surgery and radiotherapy, surprisingly there are no hard data showing improved survival in patients treated by radiotherapy [1,2]. However, adjuvant irradiation has been shown to reduce vaginal recurrences [2–4], and external pelvic irradiation decreases the risk of pelvic recurrences [5–7]. The prospective randomized trial, performed at The Norwegian Radium Hospital [5], showed clearly that external radiation therapy although decreasing local recurrence did not improve survival.


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  • I. Vergote
  • K. Kjorstad
  • V. Abeler
  • S. Vossli

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