Negative Symptoms in the Long-Term Course of Childhood Schizophrenia: A Discussion Contribution

  • C. Eggers
Conference paper


This short report is based on the results of a re-investigation of the long-term course of 57 cases of schizophrenic psychosis first manifested before the age of 14 years (11 patients were 10 years old or less at first manifestation and 46 patients between 11 and 14 years old). All diagnoses were made during the years 1925–1960, in each case after the first or second in-patient treatment. All patients were re-examined in personal interviews with them and their relatives 6–40 (average 16) years after first hospitalisation. The original diagnoses have been reassessed according to International Classification of Diseases (ICD) criteria (ICD 295.0–295.4). The results of the follow-up investigation were published in 1973 and 1978 (Eggers 1973, 1978). I agree with Tsuang’s statement demanding caution in evaluating negative and positive symptoms retrospectively. I too am of the opinion that prospective studies are necessary. On the other hand, however, long-term follow-up studies of patients with schizophrenic psychoses at all ages are of inestimable value, and in these studies I am forced to evaluate psychopathological symptoms retrospectively.


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