Results from the PSI 6LiD Target

  • B. van den Brandt
  • J. A. Konter
  • S. Mango
  • M. Weßler


In 1978 Abragam and co-workers [4,5] achieved a 6Li-polarization of 40% in samples of a few mm3 at dilution refrigerator temperatures in a field of 2.5 T with a homogeneity better than 5.10-6. The paramagnetic centres in these samples were obtained by irradiation with 3 MeV electrons at liquid argon temperatures. At Saclay, DPhPE, the technique of the irradiation of larger quantities of 6LiD and 7LiH was investigated extensively by Chaumette et al. [6,7,8]. Their best polarization results for 6LiD at 2.5 T in terms of growth time and polarization were 6Li and D polarization of 37% and 43, respectively, in a sample irradiated in a special argon gas cryostat at 180 K with a total flux of about 2.1017 electrons/cm2.


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  • B. van den Brandt
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  • J. A. Konter
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  • S. Mango
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  • M. Weßler
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  1. 1.Paul Scherrer InstituteVilligen PSISwitzerland

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