Bipolar Disorder in Adolescence

  • G. A. Carlson
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Manic depressive illness, or bipolar disorder as it is now labeled in the United States (DSM-III/III-R, American Psychiatric Association 1980, 1987) not infrequently has its onset in adolescence. Up to 25% of patients will report episodes of depression, hypomania, or mania beginning before age 19 (Carlson et al. 1977; Loranger and Levine 1978; Joyce 1984). In spite of this ubiquitous observation, recognition of the disorder at its onset has been slow in coming. Although there have been flurries of reports and descriptions periodically in the English-language literature at least, concerted interest in adolescent bipolar disorder has occurred only in the past 20 years (Carlson 1990a, for review).


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