Long-Term Follow-up of Bulimic Patients Treated in Integrated Behavioural and Psychodynamic Treatment Programmes

  • J. H. Lacey


When analysing the efficacy of treatments aimed at the amelioration of bulimia nervosa two cardinal features need to be borne in mind: bulimia is both common and heterogeneous. There can therefore never be a single treatment: a holistic answer, as it were; rather, there must be different programmes aimed at particular subgroups, each of which must be tested on the relevant population. With such a large-scale problem there is little advantage in developing treatments which are long-term, expensive and only capable of being conducted by charismatic psychotherapists using sophisticated therapies. Treatment must be short, on an outpatient basis, effective and highly cost-effective (Lacey 1983). It is against this background that the reader must judge the capacity, benefits and efficacy of the treatment programmes developed by my research team.


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