PACS and Related Developments in Sweden

  • Silas Olsson
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Large PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) installations do not yet exist in Sweden, but some hospitals have had experience with limited PACS activities. At present there are 4 mini PACS installations in radiology departments and about 12 teleradiology systems in use in Sweden. A couple of small Swedish enterprises work in the market segment of digital imaging including PACS and teleradiology, although the radiology market is dominated by the large international companies.

Interest in PACS and teleradiology in Sweden has increased during the last few years, along with advancements in technology and international experience. However, radiology is organized very differently in the USA, Japan, Southern Europe, and Scandinavia. Because of this, PACS will be introduced in different ways, and experience with PACS gained in one health care system may differ from that gained from other health care systems.

This paper reviews the status of PACS and related developments in Sweden.


Radiology PACS Teleradiology Telemedicine Medical Informatics Diffusion Evaluation Quality Assurance 


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