Chondro-Osseous Lesions Induced by Adriamycin, Rabbit

  • David M. Young
  • David J. Prieur
Part of the Monographs on Pathology of Laboratory Animals book series (LABORATORY)


Young rabbits treated with multiple intravenous injections of Adriamycin (doxorubicin hydrochloride), a broad-spectrum antitumor antibiotic, over a period of 3–5 months develop an unthrifty appearance associated with decreased gains in body weight. A dose schedule of 0.7 mg/kg (7.7 mg/m2 body surface area) three times per week produces lesions consistently over a period of 13–18 weeks at cumulative doses of 27.3 mg/kg (300 mg/m2) - 37.8 mg/kg (416 mg/m2), respectively. Roentgenographs of long bones reveal thin cortices and narrowed diaphyseal shafts (Figs. 363,364). Epiphyseal areas have a generlized radiolucent appearance with lytic patterns varying from motheaten (cancellous type) to cystic. Multiple lucent holes of varying sizes are scattered throughout the epiphysis intermixed with prominent trabecular densities. Metaphyseal zones frequently contain radiodense coarse trabeculation representative of tightly packed cancellous bone (Fig. 364).


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